Owners file intent to demolish Fairfax Gardens

On December 9, 2019, the owners of the Fairfax Gardens apartment building filed for a site plan review to permit the demolition of the existing apartment building. The permit states that a 209 unit apartment building will be constructed in place. Per the TOC verification, they will be utilizing an 80% density bonus, parking reduction of 40%, and an increase in FAR (floor area ration) to 4.25:1. They are also requesting 3 additional incentives to use yard setbacks, open space reduction, and TOC transitional height.

The filing is with the Planning Department for approval to use the land for a larger apartment building.  That application has been filed but has not made its way through the planning process yes.  They will first need to address the current building along with the existing tenants.  This will require approvals from Building and Safety and signoff from the Planning Department.  At this point, they have just filed their intention/request.

The Fairfax Gardens Tenants Association is unequivocally opposed to the demolition of the current two-story apartment buildings at 800 and 830 S Fairfax, where dozens of current residents benefit from rent-stabilized units and are able to live affordably in Mid-City Los Angeles.

More information on the permit can be found here: https://planning.lacity.org/pdiscaseinfo/search/encoded/MjM0MjAx0

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